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10 kWp SOLAR SET (Panels and Inverter) - hybridhouse
7 kWp SOLAR SET (Panels and Inverter) - hybridhouse
Cable H07V-K (CYA) 1m
Cable H07V-K (CYA) 1m Sale priceFrom €1,50
Capsule house custom made
Capsule house custom made Sale price€1.599,00
Electric bike stand ARROW
Electric bike stand ARROW Sale price€780,00
Hybrid/Off-Grid set 10kW
Hybrid/Off-Grid set 10kW Sale price€11.499,00
On-Grid Huawei 10 kW
On-Grid Huawei 10 kW Sale price€10.999,00
On-Grid Huawei set 5kW
On-Grid Huawei set 5kW Sale price€7.699,00
Photovoltaic power plant with 10 kW installed power
Photovoltaic power plant with 8kW installed power
Risen RSM40-8-400MB FULLBLACK Sale price€150,00
SOLAR CARPORT Y from 24 kWp/8cars
SOLAR CARPORT Y from 24 kWp/8cars Sale priceFrom €40.999,00
Solar facade solution
Solar facade solution Sale priceFrom €185,00
SOLAR-80 cable 1m
SOLAR-80 cable 1m Sale price€1,40
Space capsule A11
Space capsule A11 Sale price€50.000,00
Space capsule E5
Space capsule E5 Sale price€55.000,00
Space capsule E7
Space capsule E7 Sale price€59.000,00

Electromobility provides many advantages from comfort and safety of use to a positive impact on the environment. That's why we decided to add modern solutions for charging electric cars to our offer. The charging stations are intended for both public and private use for charging electrically powered cars. Smart charging stations are also suitable for public spaces, as they enable energy measurement, data transmission to identify authorized users, generation of invoicing and reports, distribution of costs and remote maintenance.