Building-Integrated Solar Products

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Power Output Warranty

6 - hybridhouse

Wind Rating

IEC 61215 & 61730 (2400 Pa).

Fire Rating


Wind-Driven Rain

CEN/TR EN-15601


Solar Full Roof™

Designed to cover all roof facets with solar panels and similar looking dummy modules to create a sleek-looking modern solar roof.

  • large scale new build or renovation roof
  • roof with minimum pitch of 18°
  • ideal for landscape and portrait setup


Solar Tiled Roof™

Solar Tiled Roof™ combines solar and roofing functionality into a perfect energy production system without compromising the visual appearance of your home. Interlocks with a comprehensive selection of concrete and clay tiles.

  • New-builds or renovation projects where concrete or clay tiles are preferred
  • Roofs with a minimum angle of 18°
  • Premium solar roof

Produce electricity for self-consumption.

Charge your electric car.

Provides protection for vehicles and belongings.

Enables you to earn income from selling back to the grid.

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