Subsidies for apartment buildings


The new Green Homes project has extended support for apartment buildings to four types of equipment that will help them reduce energy costs.

Apartment buildings will be able to apply for a voucher for solar collectors and biomass boilers, heat pumps, but also for photovoltaic panels.
According to the updated conditions, when determining the amount of the contribution in apartment buildings, the decisive factor will be the performance of the equipment, which will be proposed by an energy audit taking into account the potential for savings and the amount of usable energy in the building in terms of maintaining the goal of the Slovakia Program, not only to increase the share of renewable energy sources, but also to take into account the principle of primacy of energy of efficiency", from which Zelená hodzteimaam is financed.
The amount of support continues to depend on the installed capacity of the equipment. For each device there is a fixed rate per installed kW with a limit for the maximum output per apartment in an apartment building. In the case of installing photovoltaic panels, the maximum supported power can be up to 1 kW per apartment. The rate is EUR 500/kW.

Basic rate without discount                                    Discounted rate + 15% *

   Rate €/kW  Max. contribution                              Rate €/kW    Max. contribution

   500€/kW   max.1kW per apartment                  575 €/kW max. 1 kW per apartment


*15% discount for households in apartment buildings when installing emission-free devices in the area of air quality management or for households that stop using solid fuels. (Article E, Paragraph 6 of the General Conditions)

In the case of apartment buildings, however, the supported power is also limited by other requirements, which are stated in the updated support conditions published by SIEA on January 30, 2024. -> In apartment buildings, it will be possible to support with vouchers only the installed power of equipment that covers the energy consumption corresponding to the state after implementing austerity measures.
The principle of primacy of energy efficiency in the project is ensured by an energy audit, for apartment buildings it is a mandatory attachment to the voucher reimbursement request. Savings measures do not have to be implemented in advance, but the auditor should propose the supported performance of the equipment as if they had been implemented.
In the case of photovoltaic panels, the possibilities of energy savings will also be taken into account, for example in the operation of the elevator, lighting, operation of the own boiler room or in the preparation of hot water.
Above all, there is a new fundamental condition related to photovoltaic installations, according to which the energy audit must design the installed capacity so that at least 80% of the produced energy is consumed in the apartment building, in which way and in which place the produced energy will be consumed is not defined in the conditions.
The basic conditions of support for apartment buildings remain basically unchanged.
• the voucher can be requested by the association of apartment owners or owners represented by the administrator.
• The aid is intended only for households, therefore the apartment building or any apartment or non-residential space may not be owned or co-owned by a legal entity, with the exception of a legal entity that is a municipality or higher territorial unit. An apartment or non-residential space may not be kept in the business property of any business entity.
• The conditions under which it is possible to obtain support for real estate in which an economic activity is carried out are also established, primarily relating to rent and billing of energy costs.
• In an apartment building connected to a centralized heat supply system, the installation of the device cannot violate the conditions for the termination of heat consumption according to §20 of Act no. 657/2004 Coll. about thermal energy.
• Installation in apartment buildings, similarly to family houses, must be carried out by an authorized contractor and the installed equipment must be on the list of authorized equipment no later than the deadline for submitting the application for reimbursement of the voucher.