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Power: 90W
Technical Specifications & Installation Manual Datasheet

Solarstone's SOLAR TILED ROOF™ building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) panels seamlessly integrate solar functionality with roofing, creating an efficient energy production system without compromising the building's aesthetic appearance. These building-integrated panels are designed specifically for tiled roofs.

With the Solarstone's SOLAR TILED ROOF™ system, one solar module can replace 5 or 6 flat roof tiles, ensuring a seamless transition. These modules are available in two sizes and four output models (90Wp/94Wp/108Wp/114Wp) and are compatible with a broad range of concrete tiles/bags, including Tegalit, Trumalín, and Figaro, that are available in the market. Holding the European patent EP-3-319-228-B1, these modules have been rigorously tested according to the IEC:61730 standards, ensuring both safe electrical and mechanical operation.

The panels are both sturdy and lightweight, weighing between 7 to 8 kg, eliminating the need for supplementary wooden reinforcements. The Solar Tiled Roof™ is an integrated in-roof system that is simpler to install than conventional tiles and demands minimal upkeep. These panels, designed for tiled roofs, are robust, rigorously tested, and serve as a lasting roofing material. For those seeking a durable aesthetic appeal, the Solar Tiled Roof™ is the ideal choice.

Solarstone's Solar Tiled Roof™ panels are engineered for installation on all kinds of sloped roofs that have a minimum incline of 18 degrees. This specification is essential to guarantee the water-tight integrity of the installation.


  • Power / m²: 150 W
  • Power Output Guarantee: 25-Years
  • Product Warranty: 10-Years
  • Wind Uplift (EN 14437): 2900Pa
  • Snow Load: 4900 Pa
  • Fire Rating: Broof(t1)(t2)