Wattsonic Li-HV Residential Three Phase Hybrid

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Power: 6 kW
Technical Specifications & Installation Manual Datasheet

The Wattsonic hybrid inverter can output the direct current(DC) from the rooftop solar PV array into alternating current(AC), so your home or business loading can use it directly.

All in one
plug and play

With packed connecters and cables, Wattsonic prepared all essential products and accessories you may require. No extra preparation works you need to do.

Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

Together, declare your energy independence

Integrated with the intelligent control system, Wattsonic three phase hybrid inverter can achieve more powerful functions in all aspects. Both on & off-grid ports can be paralleled to support bigger loading.

Great Reliability
  • Up to 110% unbalanced load
  • Up to 125% AC output overloading
  • Max.200% backup output overloading @60s



  • IP65protectiondegree-153.svg

    IP65 protection degree

  • Lowoperatingnoise-278.svg

    Low operating noise

  • EasyWIFIconfigurationviaApp-724.svg

    Easy WIFI configuration via App

  • Integrateddiecastingtechnologyforbodydesign-155.svg

    Integrated diecasting technology for body design

  • EasydatacheckviabothOLEDdisplayandApp-78.svg

    Easy data check via both OLED display and App

  • Advancedheatdissipationdesign-774.svg

    Advanced heat dissipation design



    Asymmetric output for both on/off-grid loading under zero injection Wattsonic three phase hybrid inverter allow you to operate high power loads like water heater or other loads with solar power only, grid power only, or combined solar and grid. Unlike a normal grid-tied solar inverter, it can provide AC power during utility power outages.

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