HUAWEI LUNA 2000 Power control modul + 5 kWh

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Technical Specifications & Installation Manual Datasheet

Huawei LUNA 2000 Power control module + 5 kWh block

Huawei presents one of the most anticipated products for the photovoltaic market.

New modular lithium battery Huawei LUNA 2000-5/10/15-S0. This high-voltage battery is compatible with a wide range of Huawei transformerless inverters, it will be especially interesting to use it together with the new Huawei SUN2000 2-6KTL-L1 single-phase inverters.

This new Huawei battery will allow parallel connection of up to 30kWh thanks to the modular construction of 5kWh in different 5, 10 and 15kWh models.

The manufacturer guarantees a minimum energy transfer level of 13.17 MWh in the warranty conditions for each 5 kWh block. With the given battery performance, this is a minimum cycle life of 2634 cycles.

More usable energy

100% depth of discharge. Energy optimization at a high level.

Flexible investment

5kWh modular design, scalable from 5 to 30 kWh.

Safe and reliable

Extremely safe lithium iron-phosphate cells.

Easy installation

12 kg power module - 50 kg battery module.

Quick commissioning

The Huawei Solar App automatically detects the new LUNA2000 battery, as well as the new generation of Huawei inverters and optimizers, enabling easy and fast startup.

Perfect compatibility

Compatibility with both single-phase and three-phase inverters.

FusionSolar app

to manage power plants within the Huawei smart PV solution. With features such as inverter configuration, power plant management, equipment management, mobile operation and maintenance, intelligent diagnostics, etc. allows you to know the operating status of the device anytime and anywhere.



Usable energy from the battery: 5 kWh

Max. output power: 2.5 kW

Peak output power: 3.5 kW, 10 s

Rated voltage (single-phase system / L1): 360 V

Operating voltage range (single-phase system / L1): 350 - 560 V

Rated voltage (three-phase system / M1): 600 V

Operating voltage range (three-phase system / M1): 600 - 980 V

Display: SOC status indicator, LED indicator

Communication: RS485 / CAN (only for parallel operation)

Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +55°C

Degree of protection: IP66

Noise emissions: <29 dB

Battery technology: Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4)

Compatible with inverters: Huawei SUN2000-2 / 3 / 3.68 / 4 / 4.6 / 5 / 6KTL-L1, Huawei SUN2000-3 / 4/5/6/8 / 10KTL-M1

Weight: 62 kg

Dimensions (W x D x H): 670 x 150 x 600 mm

10-year warranty (maintenance of 80% capacity for 10 years / total energy supplied by one battery module 13.17 MWh, whichever occurs first)