Pylontech Force H1 BMS

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Technical Specifications & Installation Manual Datasheet

Controller for use in the ForceH1 High Voltage ESS.

*Please note this is a component of the Force H1 range of ESS Modules and must be used with the FH48074 Battery Module/Cassette.

BMS comes supplied with a UP/US Cable Kit.

The Force-H1 & H2 are a high voltage modular stackable energy system based on lithium iron phosphate battery technology. Its attractive furniture type design and IP55 Rating makes it ideally suited for installation as a home energy storage system.

The Force H1 & H2 battery systems are designed to be installed without the aid of the interconnection battery cables, significantly reducing the installation time. The basic module is a 3.55 kWh cassette, with a 90% DOD, and is available in two shapes, the H1 wider and lower or H2 narrower and higher, to meet all space requirements.