Pylontech BMS Control Unit SC0500-100S

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Technical Specifications & Installation Manual Datasheet

The BMS Pylontech Control Unit SC0500-100S is the matching battery management unit for the Pylontech HV battery H48050.

The SC0500-100S is the central control unit in a high-voltage battery storage system based on an iron phosphate lithium battery. This is one of the new energy storage products that Pylontech has launched. The BMS offers a smaller footprint, less load, and long service life.

Advantages of a combination of SC0500-100S and Polytech iron phosphate lithium battery:

Protection against deep discharge and overcharging

Protection against overvoltage during charging

Deep discharge point at 10%

Protection against excessive currents during charging and discharging

Protection against over and under temperature

Protection against short-circuit and reverse polarity

Constant monitoring of the individual cell voltages (cell balance)

Administration and Control

The SC0500-100S manages and monitors cell information via a bus system. This information includes voltage, current, and temperature. In addition, it is possible for the SC0500-100S to balance the load and discharge of the cells in order to extend the cycle.

System Advantages

It is possible to connect several HV batteries in series to increase the capacity of the storage system. Some inverters have a working voltage range on the DC side e.g. of 100V-550V. When using a battery stack on such inverters, e.g. 3 pieces H48050 are required.

The battery management system (BMS) SC0500-100S has protective functions, including

protection against excessive discharge protection against overvoltage

protection against overload

protection against excessively high or low temperatures.

The system can automatically manage the charge and discharge status and balance the current and voltage of each cell. The control module has two types of power supply, either an internal power supply or an external power supply.