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Technical Specifications & Installation Manual Datasheet

AC charging station MyBox PROFI stands out with a high-quality chassis in a combination of steel and glass. The combination of steel and tempered glass with the possibility of printing gives a luxurious impression and guarantees maximum safety. The wallbox with a power of 2×22 kW enables the charging of two electric cars at the same time. It is suitable for use in companies, households and in the public sector.

Advanced functions will satisfy even demanding users. The DoubeBox MyBox PROFI has an extended working temperature (thanks to the temperature kit) down to -30 °C and is equipped with two sockets for a Type2 cable, straight or twisted cables with a Type 2 end (Mennekes) with a length of 5 meters. Thanks to the operating temperature from -30 °C to 45 °C, you can reliably charge the battery of your electric car in both cold and steamy weather. You can safely install the charging station both indoors and outdoors.

The product of the Czech manufacturer Elexim enables connection with a photovoltaic power plant and consists only of available high-quality components from leading European manufacturers.

The MyBox PROFI charging station is equipped with an integrated certified electricity meter with MID certification. It is thus prepared for the future monetization of charging points with regard to legislative requirements.

One MyBox PROFI charging station reliably charges two electric cars or plug-in hybrids at the same time, which results in cost savings. The price of one double station is much lower than the purchase of two separate wall boxes.

Because the wallbox provides twice the power of 22 kW, charging will be just as fast, whether it is charging one or two vehicles. In addition, the MyBox PROFI charging station enables connection with other stations, thus creating up to 12 charging points. It is possible to purchase a module for dynamic power management, which prevents the main circuit breaker from tripping even when a heat pump or other powerful appliance is switched on.

Key features
Simple mounting on the wall and post
Temperature kit - working temperature up to -30° C
Case made of steel, glass and European components
Secure authorization (e.g. using RFID)
Possibility of connection with FVE
Dynamic power management module support
Certified electricity meter
Lockable front door - only authorized persons can enter the interior of the station
2 sockets/cables – version with 2 separate sockets (Type 2) or integrated cables
The possibility of integrating a display for displaying the charging status or advertising videos
Smart LED indicators - you will always have an overview of the status of the charging connectors
Communication via ethernet or 4G/LTE modem
OCPP communication protocol – compatible with the ChargeUp CPO system and other back-ends
Integrated electricity meter - easy deduction of consumption and the possibility of charging
Protection against vandals - surface treatment for easy removal of graffiti
Performance management and other advanced features
Wallbox MyBox PROFI is ideal both for companies and the public sector, as well as for households that need to charge 2 electric cars at the same time. The MyBox charging station is ready to add advanced functions that will be appreciated by users from the corporate or public space:

Module for dynamic power management - charging power is optimized taking into account the current consumption of electricity (between stations or in the entire building)
Authorization system - give access to specific persons and evaluate the frequency of their recharges. Authorization is possible e.g. using an RFID chip reader
Preparation for connection to the control software - you will get remote access to the wallbox. With it, also the possibility of managing users and the station itself
Electrical protection elements - overvoltage protection and current protection

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