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Power supply 24V, .42A - hybridhouse
Power supply 24V, .42A
Sale price€43,05
Power Supply 24V, 10A - hybridhouse
Power Supply 24V, 10A
Sale price€206,11
Power Supply 24V, 1.3A - hybridhouse
Power Supply 24V, 1.3A
Sale price€56,80
SD-Card with Firmware Miniserver Gen 1 - hybridhouse
Micro SD card with firmware Miniserver Gen. 2 - hybridhouse
1-Wire Extension - hybridhouse
1-Wire Extension
Sale price€238,17
Modbus Extension - hybridhouse
Modbus Extension
Sale price€304,13
Schueco Extension - hybridhouse
Schueco Extension
Sale price€379,24
DALI Extension - hybridhouse
DALI Extension
Sale price€711,77
DMX Extension - hybridhouse
DMX Extension
Sale price€379,24
RS232 Extension - hybridhouse
RS232 Extension
Sale price€238,17
AO Extension - hybridhouse
AO Extension
Sale price€348,10
AI Extension - hybridhouse
AI Extension
Sale price€261,07
AI Extension - hybridhouse
AI Extension
Sale price€247,33
DI Extension - hybridhouse
DI Extension
Sale price€365,50
Multi Extension Air - hybridhouse
Multi Extension Air
Sale price€632,07
Relay Extension - hybridhouse
Relay Extension
Sale price€410,39
Dimmer Extension 120V - hybridhouse
Dimmer Extension 120V
Sale price€574,36
Air Base Extension - hybridhouse
Air Base Extension
Sale price€131,91
Tree Extension - hybridhouse
Tree Extension
Sale price€140,16
Miniserver Go - hybridhouse
Miniserver Go
Sale price€505,66
Miniserver Compact - hybridhouse
Miniserver Compact
Sale price€634,82
Miniserver - hybridhouse
Sale price€840,93