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Quadral Wallspeaker Black - hybridhouse
Quadral Wallspeaker Black Sale price€187,77
Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive - hybridhouse
Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive Sale price€192,35
Remote Air - hybridhouse
Remote Air Sale price€69,61
SD Card with Firmware for Audioserver - hybridhouse
Back Box Install 7 - hybridhouse
Back Box Install 7 Sale price€61,37
Concrete Back Box Install 7 - hybridhouse
Concrete Back Box Install 7 Sale price€73,28
Install Speaker 7 Passive - hybridhouse
Install Speaker 7 Passive Sale price€163,96
Audioserver - hybridhouse
Audioserver Sale price€648,50
Stereo Extension - hybridhouse
Stereo Extension Sale price€324,25

Electromobility provides many advantages from comfort and safety of use to a positive impact on the environment. That's why we decided to add modern solutions for charging electric cars to our offer. The charging stations are intended for both public and private use for charging electrically powered cars. Smart charging stations are also suitable for public spaces, as they enable energy measurement, data transmission to identify authorized users, generation of invoicing and reports, distribution of costs and remote maintenance.