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As a store, you should offer EV charging stations to customers for two reasons. First, electromobility is becoming very popular, and the trend is constantly growing. Second, laws are beginning to change. For example, there should be at least one charging station for electric cars in every public parking lot with more than 10 spaces.

Approximately 40% of owners charge their electric cars at home, 40% at work, and the remaining 20% need to charge their electric cars in public spaces. This means that you can attract up to 20% of electric car owners to your establishment if you have a charging station in the parking lot. After all, most people would like to charge their cars every time they park. This can mean more customers for your business than competitors who do not have charging stations available for customers. Likewise, studies have proven that customers who charge their electric cars in your parking lot spend more time in your store.

6 advantages of investing in charging stations

New customers The first advantage is clear. Customers see added value in your store if they can charge their electric cars.

Time spent in the store Statistically, customers who charge their electric cars outside spend more time in the store than regular customers.

More frequent purchases If you offer customers electric car charging, they will come to you more often to charge their electric car.

Customer data Thanks to our solutions, you can get useful customer data from the chargers, which you can use to better communicate with your target group of customers.

Source of income If you charged for charging, it would mean an additional source of income for you.

Customer loyalty Many stores offer free recharges to customers as a retention tool to attract returning customers. The combination of a loyal customer who shops more often and spends more time in the store makes charging stations an attractive investment.

You can use our carport or our shelter as a solar source.

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