solárny carport integrovaná fotovoltika

Let's be part of the clean energy revolution.

With Motor-Car Group, the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Slovakia, we share the same idea that being ecological is no longer just a trend. The need to reduce the carbon footprint is an important priority today.

The combination of technology, design, functionality is what describes not only the top Mercedes EQ series vehicles, but also the new solar Carports. They have a minimalist and elegant design. The revolutionary solution of integrated photovoltaic panels with the patented Click-On® system gives them a definite advantage over standard solutions of solar or conventional shelters. They are made in Slovakia from high-quality, durable materials and expertly designed to integrate seamlessly into any outdoor space.

Carports are part of a large set of tools that could significantly improve our dependence on fossil fuels and show a future that effectively gives new life to the most overlooked space - parking lots.

In Slovakia, the figures for the increase in electric cars and charging locations are still below the desired growth curve. The SEVA association, however, considers the company to be the most significant accelerator of electromobility, as most of the vehicles sold belong to corporate fleets. For electric cars, up to 80% of all vehicles sold.

Let's create new standards for fast, convenient and green charging of electric vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz supports the expansion of the global charging infrastructure. In the fall of 2023, it began the construction of fast charging stations in cities such as Atlanta (USA) and also Mainheim, Germany. Their goal is to build up to 2,000 charging hubs in the world by the end of 2024 and up to 10,000 by the end of the decade.

The charging network is open to drivers of all brands. Mercedes-Benz customers can take advantage of special benefits, such as the possibility to reserve a charging point through the Mercedes-Benz me Charge service to reduce waiting times. Using Mercedes-Benz navigation with electric intelligence, charging stations will be integrated directly into route planning, for the best way to charge. To make the charging experience even more convenient, the charging stations will offer additional convenient functions such as Plug & Charge. This service enables Mercedes-Benz customers to automate the charging and payment process as soon as the charging cable is connected.

Sustainable smart solution

From a private parking space to an entire commercial parking lot
Carports are a true expression of sustainability, they are not only ecological, but also highly efficient.

With the latest solar technology and the best integrated solar panels in their class, they can generate enough energy as a secondary source, which you can use not only for charging your car, bicycles, powering your home or business, but also allow you to generate income from previously unused parking spaces and thus reduce operating costs .They will aesthetically improve the parking lot, visibly promote the company's CSR and provide shelter for the vehicles of employees and visitors from any weather.

  • will reduce energy costs
  • protects vehicles from the elements
  • it is suitable where the fragmentation of the roof or other parameters do not allow it
  • effectively uses unused areas of parking lots
  • resistant to wind and hail
  • with the possibility of an integrated electronic charger in the steel legs
  • it has the highest quality certification and meets industry standards
  • elegant design



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